The Leading Innovator of Electronics for RV’s

Rvision International Inc, a US company based in Seattle Washington, with offices and warehousing in Los Angeles and Elkhart Indiana was formed in 2008 to fill a need for quality electronics at competitive pricing for the fast growing RV industry.

RVision was the brainchild of 3 industry leaders, Richard Chen, a leader in importing and manufacturing of electronics from China, Earl Williams, owner and president of Partner’s Supply (now Praxis, a division of Patrick Industries), and Rich Kullback, a 30 year sales and marketing veteran, with many major US Electronics companies.

Their vision was to create a company selling top tier quality product, with state-of-the-art features, designed and manufactured specifically for the RV Industry. Introducing the brand new LCD TV’s to the RV industry. These TV’s combined the lowest return rate ever seen in the RV industry with the best pricing. This was accomplished by partnering with one of the largest panel makers in China and direct importing these brand new LCD TVs directly to Elkhart, warehousing large quantizes, and selling them at close to direct import pricing.

14 years later, their vision is a reality, as Rvision is a multi-million dollar company and market leader, selling TVs, refrigerators and other electronics exclusively to the recreational vehicle industry.